Didem GUNDOGDU is a Phd. student in Computer Science, University of Trento, Italy under the supervision of Assist. Prof. Dr. Bruno Lepri.

She graduated from Msc. Computer Science, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey in September 2014, under the supervision of Assist. Prof. Dr. Albert Ali Salah. The master thesis is “Country Wide Anomalous Incident Detection from Aggregated Mobile Phone Data”. In her thesis she dealed with analysis of human behaviour from mobile phone data. The data that she analyzed comes from the D4D Challenge, and contains a large set of mobile phone call records from Ivory Coast. She implemented a stochastic machine learning algorithm, Markov modulated Poisson process, into CDR (Call Detail Record) data to unveil spatio-temporal events, among the country. Within the same dataset, she presented the CDR analysis, to predict users’ home and work locations, in MIT (Massachuses Institude of Technology) Boston in NETMOB 2013 conference’s poster session.

I-Budi, a term project for Wireless Sensor Network from Dr. Ozlem Durmaz Incel, she proposed a mobile GPS data collector to predict the user behavioural patterns and habitual activities. She demonstrated her study in AC4MobHCI, Affective Computing on Mobile HCI, in Istanbul Sept. 2012, in poster session.

She would like to focus on data mining of CDR data, by using stochastic Bayesian methods. She took Monte Carlo Methods and Bayesian Learning and Machine Learning courses from Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Taylan Cemgil, in Bogazici University. She would like to apply these skills into Big Data, in order to understand human nature.